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The idea behind

We at Car Care Bag love skiing. We are looking forward to the first snowfall and counting down until we can put our skis on. And then it's especially randonee skis that we're on. We drive with our skis in the car all the time, to try to make use of the time for skiing and not least to make use of the changing winter conditions in the west country. We were tired of having the skis lying around in the car, so we developed the Car Care Bag so that we have more system in place and protect both skis and car better. After we started driving an electric car, avoiding a roof box became even more important and there was some thinking about how this could best be solved, and that's when the idea of the Car Care Bag appeared. We all remember the small ski bags BMW and Audi had in the past, but we wanted to create a simpler and more functional solution. We have sewn several prototypes to find the best and most appropriate solution. And best of all, now you can also enjoy our work, and finally have a good alternative to the ski box.

Hva sier kundene



Veldig kul ide!

Rekkevidden blir begrenset ganske mye med skiboks, alt som kan fraktes inne i bilen er gull. 


Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo


Strålende ide!

har kvidd meg for å legge skiene rett inn i bilen og vil ikke kjører rundt med skistativ hele vinteren.

Audi e-tron Sportback



Nå slipper jeg å få ødelagt interiøret i bilen min av stålkanter på skiene.

Tesla Model Y


Fantastisk at dere har laget CarCareBag, endelig et godt alternativ til takboks.

BMW i4 M50

Does it fit my car?

This is the question we are most often asked, and it is natural. There are many cars out there with many different solutions for trunks and seat designs. We tried to make the Car Care Bag as flexible in construction as possible, so that it fits as many cars as possible. But the most important point is whether the middle seat in your car can be folded down. If it can, you can most likely use the Car Care Bag. We test the Car Car Bag in more and more new cars that go on sale. So far we know that it fits in Audi e-tron 50/55, Audi e-tron Sportback 50/55, Audi A6 Avant, BMW i4, BMW iX, BMW ix3, BMW X5, BMW 5 series, Tesla Model Y, Volvo XC70, Volvo V90. In some car models, the Car Care Bag will be slightly more compressed, but since it is made of fabric, there is no problem for the function itself. We also get a lot of questions about whether it fits in cars with a 40/60 split rear seat, and we are working on a solution for these cars as well. We hope to have it in place very soon.
Otherwise, see our page for installation for slightly more exact measurements and installation tips in different car models.

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