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Check if you have a place

Check if you have a car where the middle rear seat can be folded down. In many premium cars this is possible. Generally, the width of the opening is 25 cm and the height around 50 cm, and then you have space for the Car Care Bag. The bag is specially adapted to the Audi e-tron, but fits  many other cars as well. if you do not have exactly the same goal.


Mount the two bottom the straps

The two most important straps at the back are mounted in the cargo hooks in the luggage compartment, see picture. In most luggage compartments there is an attachment point that you can use. The straps are long and will therefore fit in many cars. The straps have clip locks for easy disassembly of the bag if desired.


Fit the two top straps

The two top straps are used to make the bag hold its shape, so that it is open at the top. These two straps can be attached to the upper attachment at the back of the seat back on the rear seat. It is also possible to attach them to the headrest attached to the back seat, one on the right side and one on the left side.


Fit strap around center seat

The strong center strap in the front should be used around the center seat. When you have put the skis in the bag, it is important that you tighten this strap around the bag with the skis in and around the folded down seat back. Then the skis and bag will stay firmly in place and you will prevent the skis from moving during transport.


When the Car Care Bag is not in use

When the bag is not in use, its fabric is so flexible that it can hang from the fasteners at the top and bottom. When you fold up the seat back, it will then hang behind the seat and not be in the way of cargo you otherwise need to bring with you. We have also made two clip fasteners on each side that you can use to compress the bag when it is not in use.


Car Care Bag maintenance

The Car Care Bag is made of solid materials. Stains can be washed away with water and a little soap. If you are not going to use the bag for a while, we recommend storing it in a dry place.

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